Branch Trimming

Our branch trimming services have gotten very popular in the last few years since property value has risen in the Pacific Northwest. We have skilled technicians who know exactly where and what to trim and prune to make your property look even more beautiful than it was before. In addition, we have cutting services that can remove obstructive branches or potentially dangerous hanging branches.

Need a consultation?

Here at Willow Bedding Tree Services, we offer consultation to our customers who are considering branch removal. Did we mention that it comes at no cost? That’s right – call us today and we’ll set you up with a consultation with our certified inspectors. They have years of experience knowing what will be the right kind of trimming for your property. Below, you can consult a list of the types of consultation and subsequent services that we offer. Keep reading for all of the details.

Aesthetic Trimming Consultation

If you are looking to improve the visual appeal of your property, then you are in luck. Our aesthetic trimming department has garnered a reputation for steering our customers in the right direction of trimming and pruning. They’ll be able to tell you what will make your property look better. Remember that a better looking property usually is worth more money, so don’t miss out on this free consultation!

Protective Trimming Consultation

Another consultation and trimming service that we offer deals with protection. Sometimes, branches can hang over structures on properties, causing a risk of damage and personal injury to its occupants. Our certified arborists know what to look for in a weak and dangerous limb. This will help you figure out whether or not you might need to get a certain branch removed. Remember, consultation and an estimate comes at no charge, so get in touch with us today!