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Getting a start

Lumber people

Back when the lumber industry was booming in the Pacific Northwest, our grandfathers would go out every day to fell trees and chop wood to put food on the table. Times changed a little bit, and our parents ended up not pursuing a career in the timber industry. However, we were always excited to visit our grandparents’ houses to hear about the good old days in the Pacific Northwest. We longed to be back in those days to work with trees. We went to a local university and got business degrees with the intent of graduating and starting a small tree service company.

After graduating, we used the money from a small trust that our grandparents left us and opened the business. It was hard at first, but then an influx of people started moving into the region. This meant that construction was at an all time high. As a result, we ended up doing a lot of tree removals and branch trimmings for contractors. This helped us get on our feet as a business.

Now, twenty years later, we’ve become one of the top tree services in the area. With hard work and a little luck, we made our dreams come true. Thanks for sticking with us!

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